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Yearly items:
The Colorado blue spruce pine trees on North and East sides can always use a fertilizer spike each year.

The South hedge nearest the courts need to be trimmed so they do not go over the sidewalk.

The South area needs to be mowed and trimmed each year, so that the weeds do not overtake the hedges and pines.

In between the courts, the trees need to be trimmed so they do not overhang the fence.

Repair needs:

The South side has two rows of hedges, then the large Ponerosa Pine trees.   The grass/weeds need to be trimmed on the pine trees, the creeping Jenny likes to crawl up the side, which weakens or kills the trees.

The second hedge, which is between the ponderosa pines and the inside hedge needs to be groomed/cut so that a mower can fit between the the two hedges.

Due to the 2022 spring storms, we need to plant a few ponerosa pines, we had too many in the past, but now we could use  a few more new ones.

On the West side, it has turned into all volunteer trees.   They need to be cut back away from the court with a chain saw.   We are trying to let it grow to see what comes back, and determine how to best manage it.  But the idea is to have a short hedge wind block, and a tall pine tree wind block.

We have an Eagle scout project underway to fix the back boards.