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Since 1908 !
There is a long history of Tennis in Madison, SD.  See the image of the article at bottom.

Madison High School boys tennis started in 1928, and in 1929;  Madison had two athletes entered in the state tournament: Robert Blewitt and Robert McMillan.

 Madison High School girls tennis started in 1969, and in 1970; Madison had one athlete entered in the state tournament: Cindy Schultz.

SD State Tournament Runner Ups - First Flight
Womens: 1972 - Laurie Hunter
In 1972, the girls played on a cement slab from a quansite hut that had been removed from the foundation.   They had a rope with towels tied to it for a net, and had to cross the barbed wire fence to retrieve balls from the field.   There were not any fences for tennis balls.

Mens: 1934: Gordon Swan

SD State Tournament 3rd place - First Flight
2007 - Nathan Janssen

The current Madison Tennis Association was formed in 1994, and has been a non profit association since 1998, and was the USTA organization of the year 2000.  The association has had a great influence on tennis in Madison, including building new courts, fences and shelters, providing balls, nets, racqutes and wind screens, hosting coaches workshops and adult tennis nights, as well as hosting the summer Madison tennis tournament.

Four new courts were added in 2004 (for a total of 8 courts).  Existing courts were originally smooth concrete, but had been surfaced in 1986 (in time for the boys fall season).  They were re-surfaced in 2004. 

Below is an image of an article about the tennis tournament in 1908.

Article about Tennis in Madison SD in 1908

Sixth Annual Tournament
South Dakota Tennis Association
July 6-8, 1908
Chautauqua Grounds--Lake Madison
Madison, South Dakota

You and your friends are invited to attend the Sixth Annual Tournament of the South Dakota Tennis Association to be held on the grounds of the Madison Tennis Club at Chautauqua grounds at Lake Madison on July 6th and the following days.

The events will consist of gentlemen's singles and doubles, also a novel contest of singles and doubles, all are eligible who have never played in a state tournament.

The article goes on to say the entrance fee was $1, and all who were at the tournament last year had unanimous praise.

Thank you to Jerry Johnson for providing this article.