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We are always looking for support to provide opportunities for kids to play in Madison.  In 2013, we were happy to have made the following improvements:

1. Line the N courts for mini tennis
2. Purchase wind screens (with partial help from USTA and Legends).
3. New nets (with help from the school).
4. Kids mini- twist ball machine (with help from community)
5. Eight mini tennis nets
6. Yard signs for boys and girls HS tennis teams (yearly)

In 2014, we were happy to make the following major improvements

1. New tennis shed/shelter.
2. Resurface courts
3. Several new features and options for the courts.

1. Added Trees
2. Updated tennis shelter

Resurfaced N courts

Cleaned out South and West hedges/wind blocks

More work on hedges/trees

Future Improvement Goals

Lower court repairs / resurface

Bleachers alongside courts, inside the fence
Long term, we would like an indoor court for kids to practice

Yearly functions of our tennis association:

1. Yard signs for HS tennis girls and boys
2. Trophies for Madison HS players

Mini Tennis
Mini tennis has two formats, and uses different balls than regular tennis.  The smaller court is a court with a shorter net which is sideways across the back court.  The ball is a red colored, low compression ball.  The lower compression ball will not bounce over your head, and will not move as fast.  Hence, it is a great game for kids, and seniors often like to play mini tennis with their grandchildren.

The second format narrows the regular court, and brings the baseline way in, so the court is shorter and narrower.  The balls are orange, and bounce more than the red balls, but much less than a regular tennis ball. 

The third format is a green dot ball, which is used for 12 and under tennis, but uses the full court and regular rules of tennis.

The professionals will often practice with the orange balls to work on their form.

We welcome any donations to help us improve our program.